Webinar Wednesday - Nominated Supervisor and Responsible Person in Charge Training

Webinar Wednesday

Each Wednesday, during the school term, is a regular opportunity for OSHC professionals from all over Australia to access quality training and information. 


Webinar Wednesday

Webinar Registrations

Focus on Practice Series: Environments - Webinar Webinar
Pedagogies, Pedagogical Documentation and Theoretical Influences for OSHC - Webinar Wednesday
Focus on Practice Series: Cultural Competence - Webinar Webinar
Focus on Practice Series: Evaluation for Wellbeing and Learning - Webinar Webinar
Grievance Management - Webinar Wednesday
Techniques and Tools for Critical Reflection - Webinar Wednesday
Exploring Exceeding Themes - Webinar Wednesday
Focus on Practice Series: Holistic Approaches - Webinar Webinar
The Art of Conversations without Confrontation and Helpful Feedback - Webinar Wednesday
Focus on Practice series: Continuity and Transitions - Webinar Webinar
Intentionality: Focus on Practice Series - Webinar Webinar
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