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Member Meetings

The Member Network Meetings are a highly valued connection to the sector.  Quarterly meetings (every term) are held in across Queensland which provides an invaluable opportunity to find out new information and share ideas. 

Term 2, 2023 - Member Networking

Our members are invited to attend the Member Networking being held across the regions.

Member Networking will be held face to face during Term 2, 2023.   


This term we are introducing a new format to our member meetings. This initiative is designed to enhance the professional collaboration and development opportunities throughout our learning networks.


There will be two parts to the session format with each session targeted to sharing relevant information and building capacity through a collaborative learning Community of Practice (CoP).

Registrations are capped.


Let’s keep connected and work together to continue a positive and supportive outlook throughout these challenging times. Our professional member networking is intended to keep members informed of upcoming issues, contemporary practices and relevant innovations to OSHC challenges. 

Please note: Members with any agenda items can, please forward an email to

Member Networking Registration

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