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HR Consultancy Services

QCAN are the leading provider of Outside School Hours Care advisory and consultancy services.  QCAN has the knowledge and experience to provide you with an extensive range of Outside School Hours Care consultancy services.


Information and enquires relating to specific consultancy needs can often be best addressed in conversation. If you are considering additional support, please feel welcome to give the team a call. 


Policy Customisation

An essential component of any organisation is the quality and consistency of their policies and procedures. Along with being a legislative requirement for approved ECEC services to have specific policies and procedures, these documents provide a foundation for effective management and sound governance. QCAN offer services a full Policies and Procedures Customisation Package or a Policies and Procedures  Development Support Package

Further information on our Policy Customisation Service can be downloaded here

Specialist Consultancy Projects

Additional fee-for-service consultancy supports are utilised by services to address specific areas of their business and/or operations. Services available include:

  • Performance evaluation support 

  • Workplace investigation and mediation

  • Workforce development and planning

  • Workplace Health & Safety review  

  • End-to-end recruitment services

  • Strategic and business planning support

  • Specialised training, supervision and coaching

Please call 1300 781 749 or email for more information.


TEAMS - Talent, Employment and Management Support

Services seeking additional support can also consider TEAMS. This membership service offers access to relevant HR expertise and a suite of resources. 

TEAMS is QCAN's end-to-end Human Resource (HR) and Employment Relations (ER) support. QCAN has designed TEAMS to support P&C Associations in their role as employers and managers. QCAN has recognised the growing expression for credible advice, expertise and professional support.

The TEAMS membership offers P&C Associations with professional support for all P&C employees (OSHC, tuckshop, uniform shop etc).

  • Tailored Employment Advice and Consultancy

  • Employment Documents, Templates and Resources

  • Online Induction and Orientation Support

  • Affordable Employee Assistance Program (EAP) access

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