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Recorded Training Package

Looking for some affordable and accessible professional development for your Outside School Hours Care team? Finding it difficult to bring the team together in the same place, at the same time?

QCAN have your Professional Development Solution!

QCAN webinars and online training workshops are ALL recorded. This means that you can access a link to the training session at a time convenient to your team members. The training session can be done individually or as a group. The choice and flexibility to access these professional development opportunities are yours. Each session is 1.5 – 2 hours.  That is over 20 hours of accessible, contemporary, high quality training and PD available for every educator. 

Includes 14-day access to the recordings of ALL Webinar Wednesdays across your 12 month subscription


  • Roles and Responsibilities of an OSHC Educator – Part 1

  • Roles and Responsibilities of an OSHC Educator – Part 2

  • UPDATED Proactive, Interactive and Effective Supervision in OSHC

  • UPDATED Risk Management in OSHC

  • Child Protection, Mandatory Reporting & Promoting Safe Behaviours

    • UPDATE COMING SOON Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting in QLD OSHC

  • Child Protection in OSHC – Australia Wide COMING SOON

  • UPDATED OSHC Professional Standards for Educators

  • UPDATED Nominated Supervisor and Responsible Person in Charge

  • NQS, Quality Improvement and Exploring the ‘Exceeding Themes’

  • NEW MTOP V2.0 for Educators

  • NEW MTOP V2.0 - Documenting the Framework Planning Cycle

  • NEW MTOP V2.0 and Critical Reflection in SAC

  • NEW Repositioning of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in MTOP V2.0



  • A Relational Approach to Guiding Behaviour

    • UPDATE COMING SOON Relationships as the Foundation for Guiding Behaviour

  • UPDATED Using a Neuroscience Len to Understand Behaviour

  • A Social Emotional Approach to Guiding Behaviour

    • UPDATE COMING SOON Supporting Children’s Wellbeing, Learning and Development through Empathy, Understanding and Co-regulation

  • UPDATED Understanding Why Behaviours Escalate

  • Neurodiversity Affirming OSHC Environments 

    • UPDATE COMING SOON Neurodiversity Affirming OSHC Environments 

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