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Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Vision for Reconciliation

  1. Queensland OSHC Services are welcoming and safe places for all Australian First Nations educators, children and families

  2. Queensland OSHC educators pursue an active and continuous professional and personal growth journey in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

  3. Children in Queensland Outside School Hours Care services learn about the histories, cultures and perspectives of Australia’s First Nations peoples

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

QCAN is proud to launch our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for July 2022 - July 2023. We value the opportunity to take these next steps with our first Reconciliation Action Plan and hope that our commitment and work is a source of inspiration for our sector. We look forward to evolving our knowledge and practice as we whole heartedly embrace the commitments we have made in this RAP. Click the icon below to read our RAP:

About our Artwork

During the development of our Reflect RAP, QCAN had the opportunity to commission a series of beautiful artworks from First Nations artist, Jennifer Kent. Jennifer Kent is a multicultural First Nations contemporary artist with ancestry from the Jinibara, Quandamooka, Wakkawakka and Darumbal tribes. Jennifer also has kinship with the Waluwarra and Kalkadoon tribes. Jennifer spent most of her childhood in North West Queensland and attended boarding schools in Townsville where she acquired an appreciation for the arts at an early age.


Jennifer's painting style is unique and reflective of her inspirations from life experiences, spirituality, and nature. Jennifer has a unique storytelling attribute that inspires and relates to people from all over the world. Jennifer beautifully captured QCAN's vision and story in her artwork, and has kindly shared the below video: 

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Reconciliation in OSHC

Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Education supports schools and early learning services in Australia to support meaningful reconciliation within their communities. The Narragunnawali online platform is free to access and contains a library of curriculum resources and professional learning to support the implementation of reconciliation initiatives in education. Outside School Hours Care services can develop their own Reconciliation Action Plan through the Narragunnawali platform.

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