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COVID-19 Updates and Information for OSHC

Updated 27th March 2020

Key External Links 

Services should have and maintain a strong awareness of the ongoing events.


It is critical to access updates directly from the source, including from the Australian Government Department of Education, Education, Skills and Employment. Services and providers should ensure they are subscribed (with monitored inbox addresses) to information and updates released by the Department.


Additionally, information and advice from other reputable sources, including Queensland Health and the Regulatory Authority, is valuable in knowing how to prepare and respond to the emerging COVID-19 landscape.

Relevant websites are linked below. Regular updates will be made to this page.

Australia Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment
Coronavirus Information and Resources, including specific information for education and care services

Australia Government Department of Health
Latest COVID-19 advice issued by the Department

Australian Tax Office
JobKeeper Payment

Queensland Government
Coronavirus Information and Resources

WorkSafe Australia
COVID-19 Information for Workplaces

QCAN Facebook - COVID-19 & OSHC Group

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